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Blueprint North Fulton



Start Date: 2007

Completion Date: February 2014

Total CID Investment: $750,000


In 2007, the CID launched a comprehensive, community-wide planning process for the District called “Blueprint North Fulton.” This plan aimed to address transportation, land use and economic development issues within the CID, creating a cohesive vision to guide transportation and development initiatives throughout the commercial areas.


The CID coordinated closely with Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell, incorporating their existing land-use and transportation plans at the very earliest stages of the Blueprint process. The Blueprint North Fulton Master Plan was used as the starting point for the CID in identifying and completing priority projects.


In 2014, the North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) completed an update to the CID Master Plan for the district. Entitled “Blueprint North Fulton 2.0,” the master plan outlines priorities for the next decade of CID investments.


The CID Board of Directors and staff collected input from its members and partners to develop the plan. The team first compiled a needs assessment, considering changes in local and regional office markets, city transportation plans and partnership opportunities for the future. Then, the team reached out to area property owners and stakeholders to gather their input on new priorities for the District. On Dec. 2, 2013, the CID held a public meeting where they presented priority transportation projects and intiatives and gathered public feedback.

Blueprint 2.0 was adopted by the CID Board of Directors in February 2014 and is used to guide CID investments for the coming decade. 

Financial Commitment

The North Fulton CID funded Blueprint North Fulton 1.0 for $500,000. Blueprint North Fulton 2.0 was a $250,000 investment. 


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