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Interchange at Haynes Bridge Road, Windward Parkway, will Benefit

ATLANTA, Dec. 1, 2009 – The North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) will spend nearly $2.5 million on three new infrastructure projects in the North Fulton market.

The North Fulton CID will fund roadway enhancements along Georgia 400 at Windward Parkway, and will fund “gateway” landscaping projects at Windward Parkway and Haynes Bridge Road. The North Fulton CID is made up of commercial properties stretching along Georgia 400 from Mansell Road north to Windward Parkway.

“These three projects are part of the CID’s Blueprint North Fulton master plan,” said Kerry Armstrong, chairman of the North Fulton CID Board of Directors and senior vice president of Duke Realty. “The Blueprint plan is designed to create an even more vibrant and sustainable community by improving the commercial district and accelerating infrastructure improvements. Equally important right now, we are putting people to work.”

North Fulton CID to Spend Nearly $2 Million at Windward Parkway

The largest project will install more than $1 million in landscaping and stone walls on the north, south, east and west sides of the Windward Parkway interchange at Georgia 400. The CID also is spending $500,000 to expedite the construction of a right turn-lane from the Georgia Highway 400 north-bound exit ramp, along Windward Parkway to North Point Parkway.

The North Fulton CID will partner with the Windward Business Association on the landscaping.

“The Windward Business Association has agreed to partner with the CID on the long-term maintenance of the landscaping at the Windward Parkway interchange,” said CID Board Member Moses Brown, vice president of Reed Elsevier/LexisNexis. “This is very helpful to the CID in terms of knowing our initial investment will continue to literally grow.”

“We’re going to make a significant impact on the North Fulton market, in terms of mobility and enhancing the District’s brand and identity,” said Ann Hanlon, chief operating officer of the North Fulton CID. “By installing memorable entryways at all our interchanges, we are creating gateways to our market. It’s really a greeting card for the nearly half-a-million drivers who travel these interchanges daily.”

Haynes Bridge Interchange to Receive $600,000 Makeover

The CID also will create an entryway to the District at Haynes Bridge Road, spending nearly $600,000 on landscape and hardscape design, installation and maintenance. “The North Fulton CID is investing its money to make North Fulton an even better and more competitive market,” said Brandon Beach, executive director of the North Fulton CID.

Beach concluded, “We intend to emerge from this recession as a strong and vibrant community, ready to do business in this new era. The CID is a differentiator for North Fulton.”

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About the North Fulton Community Improvement District

The North Fulton Community Improvement District is made up of commercial properties stretching along Georgia 400 from Mansell Road north to Windward Parkway. This group of committed business leaders is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing North Fulton by accelerating infrastructure and quality of life projects. For more information on the North Fulton CID, contact Ann Miller Hanlon at (678) 397-0566, or visit


The North Fulton CID recently approved spending $2.5 million to construct three new projects in North Fulton. CID board member Moses Brown (right), a vice president with Reed Elsevier/LexisNexis, is pictured with CID Executive Director Brandon Beach along Windward Parkway, site of two of the three projects.

Media Contacts: Lawrence Gellerstedt, Jackson Spalding (404) 214-3556 Patrick Hill, Jackson Spalding (404) 724-2506

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