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$389,000 Grant to Support Congestion Mitigation Project

ATLANTA, March 18, 2011 – Efforts by the North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) to fast-track congestion relief throughout North Fulton continue to receive state funding. Last week, the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA), chaired by Governor Nathan Deal, approved a $389,000 grant to cover construction costs for a improvements at the intersection of Mansell Road and North Point Parkway. The grant is part of $1.3 million in funding approved by SRTA to support transportation improvement projects for North and South Fulton CIDs.

The North Fulton CID funded the initial design and traffic models for the improvements, creating a triple-left-turn lane from Mansell Road onto north-bound North Point Parkway The lane extension will replace the existing double-left-turn lane on Mansell Road east-bound, reducing traffic bottlenecks that affect Georgia 400 daily.

“The North Fulton CID and the South Fulton CID have both demonstrated their diligence and commitment to reducing traffic congestion and improving mobility in their respective communities,” said Governor Nathan Deal. “It is important that we as a State continue to explore ways that address our diverse transportation needs.”

SRTA’s investment enables more than $9 million in transportation improvement projects to move forward which may not have occurred without the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank’s (GTIB) grant and loan program.

SRTA manages GTIB funds, as well as the extensive grant and loan application and selection process, which awarded $10 million in grants to eight community improvement districts in 2010.

“We are certainly excited about this initial investment from SRTA,” said Brandon Beach, State Transportation Board member and executive director of the North Fulton CID. “We see this as a long-term partnership. The CID has worked for years to identify, design and move projects forward while leveraging its local funds to retain funding from other entities. SRTA is an ideal partner for us, using tolls raised by Georgia 400 commuters to complete projects that directly benefit those same commuters.”

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