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Windward Parkway commuters are seeing signs of a better morning drive this week. Construction began on a new right-turn lane that will significantly help the morning commute along Windward Parkway at Georgia 400. The project will add a right-turn lane along Windward Parkway, from the north-bound exit all the way to North Point Parkway.

The North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) designed the project as part of its Blueprint North Fulton master plan. The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) approved $613,830 for total construction and construction management of the project, which will be completed in July 2011.

“GDOT is interested in supporting projects where the local jurisdiction or district has ‘skin in the game’ and contributes dollars to make project happen,” said Brandon Beach, State Transportation Board member and executive director of the North Fulton CID.

More than 168,000 cars pass each day through the Windward Parkway and Georgia 400 interchange, causing major back-ups on both roadways.

“I’ve seen people on Georgia 400 northbound reading books and newspapers while waiting to get on Windward Parkway in the morning,” said North Fulton CID Board Member Moses Brown, vice president of Reed Elsevier/LexisNexis. “That exit ramp is a significant bottleneck and a serious safety concern for commuters trying to get to Windward Parkway.”

The North Fulton CID is managing the project using the initial design layout drafted as part of Blueprint North Fulton. In 2009 the CID invested $2.6 million to begin design on transportation projects in and around the North Fulton market, including Windward Parkway.

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