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ALPHARETTA, Ga. (Dec. 20, 2011) – New turn lanes at Windward Parkway and on Mansell Road made travel easier this holiday season. The North Fulton Community Improvement District completed these important infrastructure projects just before November’s “Black Friday” kickoff for holiday shopping.

Both projects are helping move traffic in the Georgia 400 corridor and easing access to North Point Parkway. Near the Mansell Road exit, the North Fulton CID added triple-left-turn lanes from Mansell Road turning north onto North Point Parkway, increasing capacity along Mansell Road and providing greater access to a variety of commercial properties along the southern end of North Point Parkway.

The second expansion project improves traffic flow from the Georgia 400 off-ramp at Windward Parkway. The North Fulton CID added a right-turn lane along Windward Parkway, from the north-bound exit all the way to North Point Parkway. Both projects are enhancing safety and reducing traffic bottlenecks that affect Georgia 400 daily.

The North Fulton CID invested nearly a half-million dollars in both projects, and earned a grant from the State Road and Tollway Authority for construction costs at Mansell Road. The City of Alpharetta played a crucial partnership role in both projects.

These latest improvements enhance access to the North Fulton commercial district, allowing shoppers, residents and businesses a quicker route to their destination.

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About the North Fulton Community Improvement District

The North Fulton Community Improvement District is made up of commercial properties stretching along Georgia 400 from Mansell Road north to McFarland Road. This group of committed business leaders is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing North Fulton by accelerating infrastructure and quality of life projects. For more information on the North Fulton CID, contact Ann Hanlon at (678) 397-0566, or visit

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