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$389,000 Grant Received Supports Congestion Mitigation in North Fulton

ALPHARETTA, Ga., March 28, 2012 – The North Fulton Community Improvement District’s (CID) new triple-left turn lane at Mansell Road marks the first official CID project completed with help from the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB).

In 2011, the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) approved a $389,000 GTIB grant to cover construction costs. The grant is a part of approximately $1.4 million of total funding to support over $9 million in transportation improvement projects for the North and South Fulton CIDs, which may not have occurred without the GTIB’s grant and loan program.

“The North Fulton CID continues to explore ways to address the numerous transportation needs while preserving funds from other entities,” said Ann Hanlon, Chief Operating Officer of the North Fulton CID. “Our partnership with SRTA is extremely valuable to us, providing much needed funding to complete projects that directly benefit North Fulton residents and GA 400 commuters.”

This project created a triple-left-turn lane from Mansell Road turning north onto North Point Parkway. The expanded turn lane reduces traffic bottlenecks that were affecting Georgia 400 daily. The increased capacity along Mansell Road also is providing more access to commercial properties along North Point Parkway.

“SRTA is proud to partner with the North Fulton CID to complete our first GTIB-funded project north of I-285,” said Gena Evans, Ph.D., Executive Director of the State Road and Tollway Authority. “As the GA 400 corridor continues to experience unprecedented growth, GTIB funds are having a major impact on the commuters who use this corridor daily.”

About the North Fulton Community Improvement District

The North Fulton Community Improvement District is made up of commercial properties stretching along Georgia 400 from Mansell Road north to McFarland Road. This group of committed business leaders is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing North Fulton by accelerating infrastructure and quality of life projects. For more information on the North Fulton CID, contact Ann Hanlon at (678) 397-0566, or visit

About the State Road and Tollway Authority

The State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) is a state-level, Authority created by the Georgia General Assembly to operate tolled transportation facilities in Georgia and act as the transportation financing arm for the State. SRTA has the authority to finance transportation improvements using traditional methods of financing such as bonds, loans, notes and equity partnerships. Through the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB), SRTA also operates a revolving infrastructure investment fund, much like a bank, that provides loans with attractive terms to state, regional and local government entities to fund much needed local transportation projects. To learn more about the GTIB program, go to or contact Malika Reed Wilkins at


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