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Completing a 20-Year Vision for North-South Access in North Fulton

ALPHARETTA, Ga., April 23, 2012 – In 1992, the City of Alpharetta set the wheels in motion to improve north-south access and keep local traffic off Georgia Highway 400. In an era when Wills Park was purchased from Fulton County, Chuck Martin became mayor and Arthur Letchas led city council, the city was certainly looking to the future. Now, nearly 20 years later, the final leg of Westside Parkway is open. This final, 1-mile section creates a parkway for local motorists spanning three cities, enhancing access to multiple businesses, churches, office parks and city facilities in North Fulton.

The History

  • 1992 – City of Alpharetta bond referendum.

  • 1995 – First segment of Westside Parkway opens, from Windward Parkway to Cumming Street.

  • 1999 – Second segment opens, running from Sanctuary Parkway to Hembree Road. This literally paved the way for new development, including the 150-acre Sanctuary Park office complex.

  • 2002 – Third section of Westside Parkway opens, stretching from Haynes Bridge Road near the Village Tavern up to Old Milton Parkway.

  • 2003 – North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) created.

  • 2005 – North Fulton CID begins buying right-of-way for southern extension of Westside Parkway. North Fulton CID invests $1.2 million to acquire right-of-way, creating a $25 million roadway expansion.

  • 2006 – Northern segment opens at a cost of $6 million, from Webb Bridge Road past Windward Parkway, connecting with Deerfield Parkway and Morris Road.

  • 2008 – Construction on final leg of Westside Parkway stops, due to failed Prospect Park development.

  • 2012 – Final leg of Westside Parkway opens April 23, 2012. Funded by $1.5 million in construction funding from the Georgia Department of Transportation, $789,000 from the North Fulton Community Improvement District and $2,561,000 from the City of Alpharetta.

The Benefits

  • Provides the residents of Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell with a much-needed alternative to Georgia 400 for local trips.

  • Completes a grid system that provides North Fulton residents with greatly improved local access.

  • Boosts the number of main north-south arteries to four – Westside and Northpoint Parkways, Georgia Highway 400 and Georgia Highway 9 (Main Street).

Media Contacts:

James Drinkard Patrick Hill

City of Alpharetta Jackson Spalding, for North Fulton CID

(678) 297-6014 Office (770) 380-301

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