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Georgia Lawmakers Pass Bill Creating Authority for Transit Expansion in Metro Atlanta

In the 2018 legislative session, Georgia lawmakers passed House Bill 930, identifying millions of state dollars for public transportation and creating the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (the ‘ATL), a unifying board that ensures coordinated planning and funding of transit across the 13-County Metro Atlanta region. The bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and, paired with Senate Bill 386, could produce the most sweeping expansion of mass transit in Georgia since the creation of MARTA more than 40 years ago.

“I’m thrilled to see this bill come to fruition,” said State Senator Brandon Beach, North Fulton CID Executive Director. “With the growth of the region and the potential growth in the near future, this legislation is absolutely necessary to transportation in Atlanta.”

The bill was sponsored in the Senate by Beach and intends to improve the coordination, integration and efficiency of the transit system in the metro Atlanta region. The bill now moves to the desk of Gov. Nathan Deal who endorsed the bill.

Learn more about House Bill 930 through this summary and this detailed summary.

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