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North Fulton Community Improvement District Board Elects Tim Perry As Treasurer of the Board

The North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) today announced the election of Tim Perry as treasurer of the board of directors. In his role, Perry will manage and oversee the financial affairs of the organization.

“I am both excited and honored to take on this new responsibility as treasurer for the North Fulton Community Improvement District,” said Tim Perry, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at North American Properties. “In my five years on the board, we have made significant progress in improving the sustainability, quality of life and transportation issues in North Fulton. I greatly look forward to continuing our efforts, implementing the needed infrastructure improvements to make North Fulton an only more formidable place to visit, work and live.”

The passing of former board member, Keith Steinbrecher, who previously served as treasurer of the board, left the position open. Board Chairman Kerry Armstrong nominated Perry for the position at the North Fulton CID’s August board meeting. His nomination was unanimously approved, except for Perry himself, who abstained.

Perry has served on the North Fulton CID’s board of directors since 2013 and as board secretary since 2017. North Fulton CID Executive Director, Brandon Beach was confirmed to take on the duties of board secretary as Perry takes on the role of treasurer.

To learn more about the North Fulton CID, visit or call 678-397-0570.

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