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AJC Reports - North Fulton CID approves additional $200K for Encore Park Gateway, Greenway Extension

NORTH FULTON COUNTY By Karen Huppertz for the AJC

The North Fulton Community Improvement District recently approved an additional $200,000 to partner with Alpharetta on the design of the Encore Park Gateway and Greenway Extension project. The greenway will begin at the Encore Parkway/North Point Parkway intersection. It will serve as a connecting bridge for the Alpha Loop on the westside of Ga. 400 and the Big Creek Greenway on the eastside. “We as a city are grateful for the continued support from our CID partners. Their financial contribution will allow us to design the pivotal Encore Gateway feature connecting the Alpha Loop through the North Point District to our Greenway,” said Donald Mitchell, Alpharetta City Council Mayor pro tem. “We believe this will be the beginning of our mutual investment in the redevelopment of the entire North Point Corridor.” The project is expected to break ground in mid-2022. Alpharetta and North Fulton CID have partnered previously for the $17.9M Encore Parkway Bridge and Streetscape project completed in 2017. Full article here.

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