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North Fulton CID and the City of Alpharetta Officially Open Windward Parkway Phase II Project

Project adds new turn lane to improve transportation flow at Georgia 400 and Windward Parkway

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – November 17, 2020 – The North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) and City of Alpharetta officially opened Windward Parkway Phase II – the CID’s most recently completed construction project to improve transportation in and around North Fulton. The second phase of the Windward Parkway project adds a triple-left-turn lane to reduce congestion and improve transportation flow for drivers entering Windward Parkway from Georgia 400 northbound. The project also adds a third westbound lane from the interchange to Deerfield Parkway/Westside Parkway, and a double left turn for those traveling southbound on Westside Parkway from Windward Parkway. Commuters, residents and daily visitors will notice an immediate impact to the area as a result of Windward Parkway Phase II.

“Windward Parkway is a heavily traveled corridor whether it’s local traffic, commerce or commuters traveling to one of Alpharetta’s many corporate headquarters,” said Alpharetta Mayor, Jim Gilvin. “We are thankful to the North Fulton CID for leading this important infrastructure project, which will improve mobility in and around our city.”

“We’ve watched that stretch along Windward Parkway become more congested due to the substantial growth in the community,” said Fulton County Commissioner Liz Hausmann. “As a result, this area has become a primary artery to Georgia 400. Fulton County is proud to partner with the City of Alpharetta and the North Fulton CID in building a solution to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow for the North Fulton region.”

The first phase of the project, completed in 2011, added a right turn lane at the bottom of the Windward exit ramp as well as an eastbound lane along Windward from the off-ramp to North Point Parkway. The project is part of ongoing efforts to improve transportation flow for drivers entering Windward Parkway.

“The North Fulton CID has done an outstanding job of working with their partners to address pressing needs in and around North Fulton,” said Executive Director and Board Secretary, Christopher Tomlinson. “These improvements to Windward Parkway bring much needed relief to the many drivers who travel around this area. This project exemplifies the North Fulton CID’s forward-thinking and proactive approach to bringing solutions to this rapidly growing community.”

“Completing and opening the second phase of Windward Parkway is the ultimate example of what can happen when you have a dedicated and determined team working together,” said Brandon Beach, North Fulton CID Executive Director. “We broke ground on the second phase of Windward Parkway in April 2019, and despite a global pandemic, this team stayed the course and was able to complete the project on time. That’s a testament to everyone involved.”

The $7.18M project is being jointly funded by the North Fulton CID, the City of Alpharetta, Georgia Department of Transportation, State Road and Tollway Authority and Fulton County. The total investment the North Fulton CID has made is just over $1M.

To learn more about the North Fulton CID, visit or call 678-397-0568. To learn more about the City of Alpharetta, visit or call 678-297-6000.

About the North Fulton Community Improvement District

The North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) is an infrastructure financing mechanism formed by committed business leaders who are dedicated to the advancement of the North Fulton region. This organization is funded by commercial property owners within the district, which stretches along Ga. 400 from Mansell Road north to McGinnis Ferry Road. Since its inception in 2003, the North Fulton CID has invested $22 million to bring more than $116 million in infrastructure projects to our district. For more information, visit or call 678-397-0570.

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