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Intersection Improvements at​ Windward
Parkway at North Point Parkway



Start Date: April 2012

Completion Date: July 2013


The North Fulton CID designed and implemented intersection improvements at Windward Parkway and North Point Parkway in 2012-13. Additional turn lanes and improved intersection geometry helped reduce congestion at the intersection, and improved air quality and traffic flow in the area.

The enhancement reconstructed the north leg of the intersection, providing additional lanes to manage traffic flow, two left turn lanes onto eastbound Windward Parkway, two through lanes along North Point Parkway, and a right turn lane onto Windward Parkway toward Georgia 400. An added provision of this project increased the efficiency of the traffic signal at the intersection, which will further reduce travel times along Windward Parkway. The City of Alpharetta significantly contributed to these signal timing improvements which led to important cost-savings for the project.

The CID partnered with the City of Alpharetta to fund the project, including the design and traffic engineering of the intersection improvements. Silverline Paving and Construction was hired to complete the project. 



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